A Call To Be “A City of Refuge” for our African Refugee Family

Guest Post from Brother Gregori Lindsey who fellowships with Prophetic Whirlwind Rosh Chodesh Community and The Embassy ATL founded by Apostle B.D. Hardin (a Messianic leader) who is one of the elders of accountability of Prophetic Whirlwind Ministries.

Shalom! Meet 10yo KHERANE Amen and 2 yo, AMIRAH. While everyone says to KHERANE you’re going to be a model, she quickly tells them she will be a pediatrician and her sister AMIRAH is a rambunctious inquisitive daddy’s girl. They are both part of very recently arrived African refugee families and live with their parents at the Roosevelt Hotel and are starting school in a few weeks. They have 3 duffel bags between their whole family. Igor the father, is an IT Engineer and his wife, Vanesse is a homemaker. She is pregnant and due in 3 weeks. Her son will be born in the USA.

Last month we heard a challenging message about welcoming the stranger and shortly following that thousands of our African brothers and sisters began to be dropped on the streets of NYC. They are not receiving a great deal of help and many were and still are on the streets. We know that nothing happens outside of Yah’s will, so we ask you to consider helping our newly arrived family today prayerfully.

I have been hosting and assisting refugees from Uganda and Senegal for the past few weeks. Our family needs our help now.

The Need

We suggest shoe and clothing donations by coordinating with a Congregation Beit Ephraim member Achoti zophiYah if outside of NYC. You can reach her to coordinate sending your donation at: Sutnoe@gmail.com.

Clothing must be:

– Cleanly washed.

– Like-new/new/with little wear and tear condition.

– Modest in dress (men’s, women’s + children’s clothing)

– Clothing for various seasons, including winter, is appreciated.

-Men, women, and children’s footwear in all sizes.

-Headwraps and head coverings.

If in NYC, the One 45th Harlem4All African Refugee Center led by Adamah Bah can receive donations of new or gently used and washed clothing for all seasons for men, women, and children Monday-Friday 9 am-5 pm at 685 Lenox Avenue, NY, NY 10030.

When dropping off, say Apostle Onleilove Alston referred you; she knows she can trust you. You can also mention your congregation or organization name.

Gift cards for Clothing, Children’s School Supplies & Toiletries

Donations of gift cards are also welcomed and needed because children’s sizes vary. I love the thought of distributing gift cards so they can school shop with dignity. You can also donate backpacks of school supplies to the refugee center or with Gregori Lindsey for the family mentioned above. No electronic gift cards, and do not mail gift cards to the refugee center. Send funds for the gift cards to be purchased or coordinate with me to send them in the mail.

Gregori Lindsey

Zelle: 9294442760

Zelle: Glindsey30@gmail.com

Please send funds for the African Refugee project directly to Gregori Lindsey and NOT to Prophetic Whirlwind or #OperationJoseph.

From Apostle Onleilove Chika Alston: To sow into Gregori Lindsey as he does this work you can do so via Zelle (note if it is a donation directly to him say “Blessing to Gregory” or if it is for “African refugees” in the memo).

Prophetic Whirlwind & #OperartionJoseph have already given donations of clothes, food items, PPE, a new coffee table, and French/English Refugee Resource Guides authored by Apostle Onleilove Chika Alston to the center. The leader of this center, Adamah Bah is a young West African woman and community activist from NYC who is a trusted leader in the community.

Please send funds for the African Refugee project directly to Gregori Lindsey and NOT to Prophetic Whirlwind or #OperationJoseph.

Here are some of our partnerships:

Adama Bah & One 45th Harlem4ALL African Refugee Center 685 Lenox Avenue NY, NY 10030 bahafrikana@gmail.com. Please only email her if you are directly sending a donation to the center but for every other donation, please go through Sister TzophiYah listed above.

Prophetic Whirlwind Ministries #OperationJoseph Project to help Jews in Africa and the African diaspora. We make exceptions during emergencies such as this refugee crisis. We have donated food and supplies to Gregori for those he is helping and the refugee center. I have also authored a virtual and printed English/French refugee resource guide for the refugee center. #OperationJoseph: https://gofund.me/b86ad25f PropheticWhirlwind.com

Bridging Africa & Black America (BABA, Inc) is a community-based group that Apostle Onleilove is involved in, whose mission it is to bring Africans and Black Americans together on Sunday, August 13th. Gregori, his cousin Pastor Cornelius McKinney Lowe, and Apostle Onleilove helped to host a dinner for Africans and African/Caribbean/Afro Latinos/as Americans to have fruitful conversations and community building on unifying. Many of the participants were newly arrived refugees from Africa. Prophetic Whirlwind Ministries Co-sponsored this dinner.


Here are photos and the latest news about the Refugee crisis in NYC

Accountability: If you donate monthly, we will provide a report to Sophia and Nabi Adewunmi for Congregation Beit Ephraim and those who fellowship with you about how the donations were distributed and on the refugee situation.

Important Note from Apostle Onleilove Chika Alston

If you donate or have donated to the #OperationJoseph GoFundMe, note that these funds will primarily go to our family of Jews in Africa, and reports come out quarterly via an email from GoFundMe and social media updates. Thank you!

Please send funds for the African Refugee project directly to Gregory Lindsey and NOT Prophetic Whirlwind #OperationJoseph.

One final but extremely important need is prayer!
Please note all questions regarding assisting the African refugee family should go to Gregory Lindsey and Sister TzophiYah and NOT Apostle Onleilove.

For our newly arrived family and for the reunification of Joseph and his brothers! Todah!

In Shalom,

Gregori Lindsey