Onleilove has taken the message of Prophetic Whirlwind from Brooklyn to Israel, from the streets to Ivy League institutions. With authenticity, a powerful testimony and compassion Onleilove uncovers scriptural truths and expounds on social issues rooted in African Hebraic thought inspiring people of all races, creeds and backgrounds to connect with The Most High God and do justice in their communities.

What People Are Saying

"Onleilove is one of the best community organizers in the country.  Her leadership in New York and beyond speaks for itself. She is committed to empowering under-served communities to advocate for their rights, bring economic stability to their communities, and create pathways out of poverty. As a speaker Onleilove is relatable, passionate, sincere and authentic. She possesses the ability to both captivate an audience and move them to action, something few are able accomplish. Her commitment to justice, equality, and truth set an example for many who consider themselves leaders to follow." Romal Tune, Author, Inspirational Speaker and Founding Convener of ClereStory Seminars

"Onleilove Alston is a masterful communicator and social justice advocate. She is the very type of leader that faith communities need to advocate for social justice and interfaith collaboration. She has started leadership programs and supported many grassroots leaders to live out their faith and transform their communities. Onleilove develops workshops, materials and small group sessions to help empower and organize low-income people, especially women and African-American marginalized communities. She serves as a keynote speaker for many events. She has great communication skills, is persuasive, can talk to multiple audiences, and can articulate positions not common in public discourse but very important for anyone committed to social justice. She leads Bible studies and theological discussions with ease and grace and points to the arc of justice that starts in Genesis and works its way through the Bible to Revelation but that also goes beyond the boundaries of any one faith tradition. She is an ambassador for love and justice everywhere she goes and presents authoritatively on issues including health care, housing, immigration, sanctuary, an end to poverty and racism and for a moral movement to achieve justice for all." Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis, Co-Director The Kairos Center at Union Theological Seminary

"Onleilove is a leader for our challenging times. Her love for God, people and community shows in her commitment to stand against injustice. We need more leaders like her today." Rev. Leroy Barber, Founder The Voices Project 

"Onleilove has drawn deep from the river of faithful witnesses who know the God who can make a way out of no way. Her life and ministry combine faithful teaching with a relentless practice of prophetic justice. She gives me hope for the church in America." Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, Preacher and Author

"Onleilove Alston is God's servant of the hour! Rooted in the Hebrew Scriptures, Onleilove's many gifted calling confronts the implicit bias of colorism with an explicit bias for action. In our world where the abuse of power is religiously sanctioned, Onleilove is an apostle for the gospel of liberation." Don Golden, Executive Director Red Letter Christians

"Onleilove Alston is a force of nature!  She possesses a unique blend of Spirit, Intellect, Compassion and Fire, as she lives out her call of prophetic leader and voice with the dispossessed. I find her ministry to be deeply informed by her life journey, her formal training and her organizing vocation. She is an excellent trainer and consultant in matters of faith, racial justice, womanist theology and community organizing.  I highly recommend her! You won't be disappointed." Rev. Michael McBride, Director Live Free Campaign

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