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Onleilove Chika Alston, Founder of Prophetic Whirlwind: Uncovering the Black Biblical Destiny provides courses and workshops in person and online. She has degrees from Penn State University, Columbia University and Union Theological Seminary including certificates from The Hispanic Theological Institute at Duke Divinity School, The Women’s Campaign School at Yale and other programs. Her courses are rooted in history, African Hebraic Culture, faith, and justice, leaving participants with steps for practical life application.

Own Ancient Hebraic Marriage Customs, West African Marriage Customs & Yah’s Kingdom Course Today!

How did ancient Hebrews get married? What does the West African knocking ceremony have to do with Hebraic Culture and our personal relationship with Yah? Join me for an exciting one-day course where we will examine what Hebraic marriage customs can teach us about the Good News and the in-gathering of The Lost Tribes of Israel. This course includes the course video, reading list and PowerPoint presentation.


Own The Ancient Hebraic Womanhood Course 

In our society there are countless misconceptions about Biblical womanhood. Many have taken the women within the pages of the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) and have developed commandments and models for womanhood that are not Biblical, accurate to the text nor Hebraic. Join me as we examine three archetypes for Hebraic Womanhood. The Ezer Kenegdo, The Queen Mother, and The Eschet Chayil.


The Wailing Women of Zion, Mourning Women of Africa & Call of Jeremiah 9 Course

Why when the Hebrew people are in crisis Yah speaks thru the Prophet Jeremiah to call the Wailing Women? What are wailing women and what is their purpose in the awakening of our people? How did the wailing women tradition get preserved and carried into Africa and then the diaspora? How can the Daughters of Zion step into the Wailing Woman call today? Join us as we examine this cultural tradition and learn how to effectively cry out for our people today.

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