Swimming in Prophetic Whirlwinds by Cara Meredith for Pathos Blog

When Our Sin is Our Skin for CBE-Voices of Color

A Lost Sheep Returns Home by Restoring the Branches Magazine

Sojourners Magazine Articles and Interviews

HuffPost Religion Articles

OnScripture Lectionary Reflections

Ecumenical Women at The United Nations Blog Post

Red Letter Christians Articles

The First Baby Shower Unites Women on the Margins, NPR’s On Being Blog

People of Color Rising Q&A with Onleilove Alston

Let's Reform our Broken Criminal Justice System, Religion & Politics Magazine

NY Foundation Balm in Gilead: Stories from Black Organizers

In Rezoning: A Tale of Two Cities NY Daily News

Christianity is Not a White Western Religion, Interview for Red Letter Christians

Leaders Speak, Interview for Faith Street Blog

Fibroids: The Silent Epidemic That's Screaming in Our Community, WOE Magazine

A Call to Action for Healthcare Equality, The Black Commentator

Prophetic Resistance Season of Prayer Slave Castles & Master's Chapels: The Call to Sanctuary

Towards A Moral Agenda for New York City,  Medium


More or Less Human Interview on Visits to Jews in Africa

Interview with Christian Authors on Tour

Interview about Prophetic Whirlwind: Uncovering The Black Biblical Destiny on Profane Faith

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The Blackness of The Bible: All Thing Charity Podcast

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Transform Network Podcast: Same Fear Why Empires Kill Black Messiahs

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Hebrews to Negroes Show Uniting Hebrews in Africa & The Diaspora

Know Where We Stand Bonus: Onleilove's Recommendations for Black Biblical Roots

Know Where We Stand Podcast Episode 3

Claremont Lincoln University In Times Like These Podcast Realignment to Justice

Renewed Radio Interview about Ministry Trip to Nigerian Hebrews

Interview On Hebrews in Africa & America with Evangelist William Majors

Under the Palm: Hebrew Women Speak

DebateTalk4U Fact Check: African Hebrews Revealed

From Foster Care to Activism: Onleilove Alston on Improving Life in "The Most Spiritual City in America"

Under the Palm: Who's Laws are We Keeping

Prophetic Resistance Podcast Interview

DebateTalk4U What about the Children?

DebateTalk4U Is the Proverbs 31 Woman a Strong Black Woman?

The Iconocast

Justice Conference Podcast

CRU Hope Gathering Talk Onleilove’s Testimony

African Hebrews for Hebrews to Negroes Radio Show

Trinity Grace Church UWS Sermon on Isaiah 61

Uncovering the Black Biblical Presence for Metro Hope Church

Celebrating the Life and Faith of Marcus Garvey for Black Jesus Radio

Prophetic Whirlwind: Uncovering the Black Biblical Destiny for Black Jesus Radio

Interview with Day Alston for Women of Virtue Series

Interview for AmeriCorps: Public Allies Catching Up Podcast

Brooklyn Deep Third Rail Podcast, The Black Church Circa 2016

Ezekiel 37 and White Supremacy Sermon for Bushwick Abbey

African Women Speak on African Hebrews, The Hebrews to Negroes Radio Show

Debate Talk 4 U Under the Palm: The Rules of Engagement 

Practical Torah Podcasts:

Practical Torah Episode 1: B'reisheet (בראשית | In the beginning or In A beginning) Listen on Apple itunes or Youtube

Practical Torah Episode 2: Noach (Noah — נח) Listen on Apple itunes or Youtube

Practical Torah Episode 3: Lech Lecha (לֶךְ-לְךָ Go Forth) Listen on Apple itunes or Youtube 

Practical Torah Episode 4: Vayera (וַיֵּרָא‬ — "and He appeared") Genesis18:1-22:24 Listen on Apple itunes or Youtube 

Practical Torah Episode 5: Chayei Sarah (Sarah’s Life-חיי שרה) Genesis 23-25:18 Listen on Apple iTunes or Youtube

Practical Torah Episode 6: Vayizra Yitschak (“Isaac Sowed”) Genesis 26:12-35 Listen on Apple iTunes or Youtube

Practical Torah Episode 7: Rebekah & The Birthright Genesis 27:1-29 Listen on Apple iTunes or Youtube

Practical Torah Episode 8: Jacob’s Ladder Genesis 28:10-29:30 Listen on Apple iTunes or Youtube


Prophetic Whirlwind on Freedom Experience Radio Uganda Listen here


Sojourners Emerging Voices

Inner City Light House

Beth-El, The House of Yahweh


Prophetic Whirlwind: Uncovering the Black Biblical Destiny



Contributing Writer for Out of the Depths: Poetry of Poverty--Courage and Resilience


Contributing Writer for The Last Week of Jesus and The Last Year of Martin Luther King

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