Women of The Whirlwind: Prayers of Awakening, Deliverance, Restoration & Preparation

In October 2015 when a young African-American foster girl was flipped and assaulted by a cop on camera for playing with her cell phone many African-American people but especially women were saddened by yet another incident of filmed police brutality. In response to this Onleilove Alston and Minister Shivonne McKay started #Wail4BlkWomen weekly prayer calls based on The Prophet Jeremiah’s call from Yah to the Daughters of Zion to wail for their people in Jeremiah 9:17-26. In the spring of 2018 during the Ancient Hebraic Womanhood Course Mother Angela Malakah Philips picked up the mantle to begin these prayer calls again. Since then various prayer challenges have been implemented to call the Daughters of Zion to prayer, discipleship and action utilizing online platforms. From this Women of The Whirlwind Prayer ministry was born to provide the Daughters of Zion and those sojourning with us opportunities for prayer and action.





Women of The Whirlwind Prayer Ministry Leader Mother Angela Malakah Philips


Born in Fort Worth, TX and raised in a strict middle class home. Angela was drawn at an early age into a pursuit of what it means to know The Most High God. One of her earliest memories is crying out to Him at the altar of a small Southern Baptist Church at the age of 6. She has often said she has no memory of a time when she was not calling upon the Elders of Israel and has always

perceived YHWH to be a present help, especially in times of trouble. An author, she has written a book entitled “The Care and Feeding of the Single Mother” available on Amazon.com. Angela is an entrepreneur, motivational trainer by

career, online radio personality and a recording artist. This Sister wears many hats. Yet the titles she holds closest to her heart are “Daughter of YAH”, wife, mother and sister. She has served in a variety of ministries across the faith spectrum in various roles such as Youth Pastor, Women’s Minister and Elder. The common thread no matter the denomination or ministry has been Angela’s passion for prayer. She now serves as Lead Intercessor for Women of the Whirlwind Intercessory Prayer Ministry, a collaboration with Prophetic Whirlwind. She also serves as a panelist for the Debate Talk 4 U Podcast Under the Palm Hebrew Women Speak. Angela invites you join the monthly prayer challenges as well as the Thursday night prayer call because it’s time to come and meet Yah in the whirlwind of prayer.

You can contact Mama Malakah at: angelafphillips@gmail.com , on Facebook or Visit her website.

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