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In October 2015 when a young African-American foster girl was flipped and assaulted by a cop on camera for playing with her cell phone many African-American people but especially women were saddened by yet another incident of filmed police brutality. In response to this Onleilove Alston and Minister Shivonne McKay started #Wail4BlkWomen weekly prayer calls based on The Prophet Jeremiah’s call from Yah to the Daughters of Zion to wail for their people in Jeremiah 9:17-26. In the spring of 2018 during the Ancient Hebraic Womanhood Course Mother Angela Malakah Philips picked up the mantle to begin these prayer calls again. Since then various prayer challenges have been implemented to call the Daughters of Zion to prayer, discipleship and action utilizing online platforms. From this Women of The Whirlwind Prayer ministry was born to provide the Daughters of Zion and those sojourning with us opportunities for prayer and action.


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Women of The Whirlwind Prayer Ministry Leader Mother Angela Malakah Philips


Born in Fort Worth, TX and raised in a strict middle class home. Angela was drawn at an early age into a pursuit of what it means to know The Most High God. One of her earliest memories is crying out to Him at the altar of a small Southern Baptist Church at the age of 6. She has often said she has no memory of a time when she was not calling upon the Elders of Israel and has always

perceived YHWH to be a present help, especially in times of trouble. An author, she has written a book entitled “The Care and Feeding of the Single Mother” available on Amazon.com. Angela is an entrepreneur, motivational trainer by

career, online radio personality and a recording artist. This Sister wears many hats. Yet the titles she holds closest to her heart are “Daughter of YAH”, wife, mother and sister. She has served in a variety of ministries across the faith spectrum in various roles such as Youth Pastor, Women’s Minister and Elder. The common thread no matter the denomination or ministry has been Angela’s passion for prayer. She now serves as Lead Intercessor for Women of the Whirlwind Intercessory Prayer Ministry, a collaboration with Prophetic Whirlwind. She also serves as a panelist for the Debate Talk 4 U Podcast Under the Palm Hebrew Women Speak. Angela invites you join the monthly prayer challenges as well as the Thursday night prayer call because it’s time to come and meet Yah in the whirlwind of prayer.

You can contact Mama Malakah at: angelafphillips@gmail.com , on Facebook or Visit her website.

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LaTonya Richardson was born and educated in Birmingham, AL. She is a mother of 3 and a professional Accountant. While active in the Christian church she sought ways to bless children and the community and spearheaded a program to support the youth by providing school supplies and an honor reward system as a source of encouragement. Having been recently awakened to the Identity of Yah’s people and returning to the keeping of His Shabbat, Feast Days and Commandments she is taking her talents directly to the community and recreating the children’s program in collaboration with local Women’s shelters. LaTonya enjoys serving Yah’s people and loves to teach others how to enter the presence of the Holy One of Israel though worship and prayer. She is excited about her new awakening experience and shares with others how Yah has opened her eyes and brightened her life in ways that are unimaginable and extremely rewarding. La Tonya joins Women of the Whirlwind Prayer Team, grateful for all of her life experiences (the good, the bad and the terrible) because they helped to bring her closer to Yah shaping the person she is today. It is with these experiences and spiritual sensitivity she offers spiritual counseling and prayer to those seeking a closer walk with Yah. Seeking to be Yah’s humble servant, she desires to serve His people, seeing them delivered, healed and made whole.

Ephesians 4:2: With all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love.

Prayer Hours:

Sunday 8:00am-12:00pm or 5:00pm-9:00pm EST

Mondays & Tuesdays 5:00pm -8:00pm EST

Email: richtonya78@gmail.com




Monica Emunah Coppage has been a believer in The Most High since May 1996! After walking as a believer in The Most High for over ten years she met a sister who started her on the journey of awakening to the truth in scripture regarding The Most High’s Set Apart Name as well as the keeping of Yah’s laws, Sabbaths and Feast Days. In June 2017 after many questions and deep prayer Abba Yah opened Monica’s eyes to her true identity! She is His Hebrew Yisraelite daughter! HalleluYah! Even as a teen Monica was noted for being that listening ear offering seasoned advice she had gain from spending many hours with the elders in her family and community! As Monica grew in her walk with The Most High, she was confirmed as a spiritual prayer warrior and counselor by her grandmother who called upon her to counsel and pray with a young woman in need. Although surprised at the time by her grandmother’s request, Yah has revealed to Monica her passion for helping his daughters learn to love themselves and seek only Yah's approval. Monica believes PRAYER is the most important and essential means of building a relationship with our Abba Yah; therefore it is critical to our success in life. She daily testifies to the mercy of Yah as he is touched through the power of his children’s prayers. Monica invites you to join her in prayer on Thursday night’s “Wailing Women Call” and she also offers one one prayer and spiritual counseling.




Prayer Hours:

Sundays 7:00pm-8:30pm

Mondays 7:00pm-8:30pm

Tuesdays-Wednesdays 12:00pm-1:30pm

Thursdays 4:00pm-5:00pm

Email: R.Diadem3@gmail.com



Dawn Goldsborough: On January 13, 2001, at the age of 21, Dawn accepted YHWH and His Son Yahshua in her life. During that time, it was under the constructs of Christianity; however, her decision to submit to Yah and serve Him was very much personal and authentic. Shortly after making the decision to follow Yah, the Ruach Hakodesh revealed to her that she would be used to teach His people how to have authentic and grounded relationship with The Most High through His Son—apart from religion. The beginning of Dawn’s “wilderness experience” happened in 2010, when Yah led her out of the church she attended for 8 years and began to reveal some truths about His name, biblical feasts, and falsehoods taught within Christianity. During this time, Dawn had committed herself to praying for Israel’s eyes to be opened, before she knew of her heritage. It was somewhere in between 2011 and 2012 that Yah had revealed to Dawn during private prayer time that she was not Gentile but indeed a bloodline Israelite. This was the beginning of her journey of truly seeking relationship with The Most High and learning of His ways, while being delivered and set free from things that would hinder the progress of building relationship with Him.

Over the past 17 ½ years, Dawn has served as a minister, intercessor, hospitality team leader, and mentor. Yah has used her in the operation of healing and deliverance. Professionally, Dawn is a full-time mental health professional/recovery navigator and shares a relationship coaching business with her husband called Relationship Restoration Coaching Services, LLC of which they are both relationship coaches. Dawn obtained a bachelor’s degree in psychology, master’s degree in human services counseling with a specialization in life coaching and have had some study toward obtaining a Master of Divinity degree in theology.

Dawn’s spiritual walk in Yah is grounded in faith and prayer and she is a firm believer that prayer is the answer to all things. Dawn believes in using the Scripture as a guideline and standard of how and what we should pray while allowing the Ruach Hakodesh to illuminate Yah’s Word so that the prayer can be grounded in truth—thus making it effective. Dawn believes that praying in the name of Yahshua is mandatory if we want access to the Father. She finds great joy in serving in the community for the advancement of Yah’s Kingdom. She is committed to serving in love and anyone who encounters her will know that she is sincere, honest, genuine, and is a firm believer of accountability.

Dawn has been happily married to her best friend for 17 years; although they have been in relationship with each other for nearly 22 years. They share 5 children together. Dawn recognizes that her first ministry is to her family and believes that the call on her life to help others become relational with Yah and their loved ones, first starts with her ability to demonstrate that at home.

Website: RRCoach.net   

Email: RRCoach@outlook.com   

Phone: 302-514-0336

Facebook: Relationship Restoration Coaching Services, LLC   

Instagram: relationship_coaches

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Sundays 10am-2pm EST

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Candace "Yiskah" Wells was raised in Greenville, Alabama as an only child. Although her mom was single, she was determined to make the best of hard times and taught Yiskah that Yah was her ever present protection and provider. She is the author of Shew Thyself Approved: A Woman's Guide to Studying, Applying, and Sharing the Word, to be released December 2018.  Yiskah is the founder of The S.W.A.T.T.(Spiritual Warriors Advancing The Truth) Team Ministry based in Greenville, AL. She also teaches free Basic Biblical Hebrew classes in her local assembly. Prayer has always been a vital part of her relationship with The Most High. She is delighted to be an intercessor for YHWH's people by participating in the Wailing Women Prayer Calls on Thursday nights, prayer challenges hosted my Angela Malakah Phillips, and The Women of the Whirlwind Prayer Ministry.

Visit Yiskah online at: www.wokewomenofzion.com



Prayer Hours:

Sundays: 9:00-10:00pm

Mondays: 8:00pm-9:15pm

Thurdays: 9:15pm-10:15pm

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