#WellnessWednesday My Daily Vitamin Regime

Shalom! Over the past two years due to the pandemic and my own health goals I have been getting more serious about my physical health. One practice I have is daily I take a regime of vitamins to boost my immune system, help me manage my allergies, give me energy and help me get all the nutrients I need.

In the morning I have: 5,000-10,000 IUs of Vitamin D3 with K2. K2 helps your body absorb vitamin D and I have lowered my daily intake to 5,000 IUs because when my doctor tested my vitamin D levels they were very high because I have been taking 10,000 IUs of Vitamin D3 daily for about 2 or more years. Many African-Americans are vitamin d deficient and this contributes to a weakened immune system. I also start the day with hot water with lemon, ginger and sometimes sea moss gel with elderberry syrup. This helps with digestion and immunity.

I also take a probiotic which helped with digestion and I take in pill form or in water as a powder 1,000 MG of vitamin C which helps with immunity.

After lunch I take vitamin B-12, a Calcium vitamin, Milk Thistle for good liver function, Echinacea for immunity and a pre-natal vitamin for my hair and nails. I also take iron because many Black women struggle with low iron levels.

At night I may drink fiber in water and take a second Calcium Vitamin or drink Chamomile tea to help me relax. In the morning I sometimes will drink a detox tea instead of hot water with lemon and ginger or liquid chlorophyll to help with digestion as I start the day.

This is just my regime but please check with your doctor before starting any vitamin regime. You can request a blood test that shows your vitamin levels to see where you are low. I also learn from and consult Dr. Admerle Hall-Hoskins my sister in Torah who is a licensed physician and holistic health practitioner. You can contact her and schedule a session with her here: https://dradmerle.com.

Right now health is very key and though my journey is still ongoing I am dedicated to becoming more healthy. What supplements do you take? Also list any herbs you take as well.

In Shalom!

Rabbi Chika