The Hebraic Call to Sexual Purity

I am in my 30’s and a virgin. Sadly, in America this is kind of embarrassing to type. We talk about a great deal of things in the awakening: who Esau is, where “true” Jerusalem is, what is pagan, how to correctly pronounce The Father and Messiah’s name, the curses, etc. but we are mostly silent when it comes to sexual purity. Like every sister I am attracted to handsome brothers and I have been tempted and even crossed lines that I should not have but the longer I walk in the truth of Yah’s Torah and Yahshua’s grace the more I see a desperate need to reestablish purity among Yah’s people. We cannot follow some commands and ignore others and there will be no restoration of righteous gender roles and families if we continue to start marriages laden with sexual sin. The lack of sexual purity in the Hebraic community is leading to teachings that are fueled more by lust that the Law. It’s also leading to multiple “spiritual” marriages that have no Ketubah, no witnesses and no vows. Since the Hebrew man and woman have been brought into this last captivity our sexuality was exploited and our purity defiled through rape, buck breaking, breeding, forced incest and sex farms. These violations have been passed down and justified to future generations but as more and more Lost Sheep awaken Yah is calling us to be Kodesh in all our ways. When teaching about sexual purity in my home assembly I looked into the Hebrew definition of purity and found: 
Purity as defined in Hebrew
Hebrew noun ṭaharah (טָהֳרָה) describes a state of ritual purity that qualifies the ṭahor (טָהוֹר; ritually pure person or object) to be used for kedushah. The most common method of achieving ṭaharah is by the person or object being immersed in a mikveh (ritual bath).
The verb form of ṭaharah (טָהֳרָה), the verb ṭaher(טָהֵר) “be pure”, is used first in the Torah is in Genesis 35:2, where Jacob tells his family to “put away strange gods, and be pure”.
What do these definitions mean as it relates to sexual purity?

In the ancient world when they worshipped idols they usually had ritual sex, orgies or even idols that were used by women to masturbate. Especially in Canaanite religion this occurred. There is a connection between idolatry, demons and sexual sin which is why this world pushes everyone but especially Hebrews to commit sexual sin. Many say “ I don’t serve an idol I serve Yah” but when you commit sexual sin you may be unknowingly worshiping other ancient deities who thrive off of sexual sin and rituals. One example of this in scripture is:
You have put pagan symbols on your doorposts and behind your doors. You have left me and climbed into bed with these detestable gods. You have committed yourselves to them. You love to look at their naked bodies. — Isaiah 57:8 

This was ancient pornography and today many Hebrews are addicted to porn not knowing that even that can cause their marriages to fail or cause them to invite demons into their home.
In some countries like Brazil some sex workers will pray to a deity that makes them more attractive to men. But guess what the men who lay with them don’t know their is a demon drawing them and binding them. As Paul wrote to the Corinthians in 1 Corinthians 6:16: “Do you not know that he who unites himself with a prostitute is one with her in body? For it is said, “The two will become one flesh.”

Steps to Sexual Purity adapted from 5 Proven Steps to Protect Sexual Purity by Paul Chapman 

  1. Ask Yah to deliver you from temptation and when he provides a way out take it. 1 Corinthians 10:13
  2. Sexual Temptation begins in the mind Matthew 5:28 Protect your heart and mind from enticement.
  3. Choose Friends Who are Dedicated to Repentance & PurityProverbs 13:20  
  4. Don’t use drugs and alcohol. Drugs and alcohol lower your resistance against sin. Proverbs 23:31–35
  5. Study the Scriptures daily reading and studying the Scriptures will protect you from sin and temptation. Proverbs 7:1-5
  6. Your purity if lost can be re-establishedRomans 6:11-14 and if you were raped or molested this was NOT your fault and Yah can heal you. Yah was NOT pleased with your abuse and you are NOT damaged goods.
  7. You may have to put to death certain relationships, friendships, hobbies and even beliefs to become and remain pureColossians 3:5
  8. Parents don’t give the enemy room by not letting your child know their worth. Parents build up your child’s self esteem at home don’t only compliment your daughters on looks or joke about your toddler boy being a heart breaker words are powerful and people who value themselves even if not religious are more careful with who they have sex with because they are not desperate for outside validation.
  9. Walk in the Ruach: Galatians 5:16: This is the most important truth listed here.  It is impossible to walk in the Spirit and sin at the same time. Yield to Yah every day. Empty yourself of pride.  Confess your lust as sin. Beg Yah for the spiritual strength to live in the power of Yah and conquer temptation.

Living pure is even more unusual than not celebrating pagan holidays or covering your hair. Living sexually pure in this Babylonian system will be a radical decision to honor Yahuah in ALL your ways. I have made mistakes in my journey towards purity and have had to repent because purity can be lost way before sexual intercourse but Yah has been faithful to remind me that pursuing purity is also apart of my awakening as a Hebrew woman. Remember only the pure in heart will see Yahuah. If you have fallen in the area of purity repent but don’t wallow in condemnation confess your sin and know that Yahuah is faithful and just to forgive you and cleanse you of all unrighteousness. 1 John 1:9