饾悘饾惃饾惈饾惌饾悽饾惃饾惂 饾悡饾悽饾惌饾惀饾悶: Tetzaveh, Tetsaveh, T’tzaveh, or T’tzavveh (转职旨爪址讜侄旨讛鈥庘擧ebrew for “[you] shall command,” the second word and first distinctive word in the parashah) is the 20th weekly Torah portion (驻指旨专指砖指讈讛鈥, parashah) in the annual cycle of Torah reading and the eighth in the Book of Exodus. The parashah reports God’s commands […]

Passover Resources!

Shalom Family, Below are a list of resources I have complied for Passover. As you prepare and observe please remember that everything we do in the natural is to grow spiritually. Remember to clean the leaven out of your heart! Passover 2020 Reflection Blog Uganda Jewish Interactive Online Haggadah What […]

Women鈥檚 History Month Guest Post: What Does It Mean to Be A Hebrew Women in Erverh Culture? By Seyram Adzanku

The original name of the people who are called the 鈥淗ebrews鈥 in the Bible is E撇E. Abraham is the first person called a Hebrew (Genesis 14:13) Abraham’s 5th Great Grandfather was Ever/Eber. We know this because Genesis 10:24 tells us that Shalach bore Ever. Ever is spelled 注讘专(EB/VR). According to the dictionary […]

The Hebraic Call to Sexual Purity

I am in my 30鈥檚 and a virgin. Sadly, in America this is kind of embarrassing to type. We talk about a great deal of things in the awakening: who Esau is, where 鈥渢rue鈥 Jerusalem is, what is pagan, how to correctly pronounce The Father and Messiah鈥檚 name, the curses, […]