Marching to Zion: Ghana, Togo & Going Home

It’s been a little over a week since I returned from a life changing trip to Ghana and Togo. In my spirit I felt like I needed to take a trip to Israel first, Ghana and then Nigeria (where my ancestors hailed from but Ghana was the last place they were before being removed from the African continent during the trans-Atlantic slave trade). The Most High is faithful to give us the desires of our heart because over the past two years I have been able to go on life changing trips to Israel, Ghana and Togo.

Each tour was intentionally designed for and led by Black people to ensure we connected with our culture in a way that was accurate and dignified. For more information on my trip to Israel read Marching to Zion: #BlackLivesMatterEverywhere.

Going to Ghana meant so much to me as it is a place of much history for Africans throughout the diaspora as the last place many were held before being shipped to the New World in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade but Ghana was also a place that many Hebrew refugees settled throughout history when fleeing Israel after the first and second temples were destroyed. Now these groups didn’t leave Israel and walk to Ghana in a few days but over the course of hundreds of years they migrated usually starting in Egypt and ending in Ghana with some Hebrews ending their migration in Nigeria, Cameroon, Zimbabwe and other places in Africa. Some groups in Ghana that migrated from Israel are: The Ewe, Ashanti, Sefwi (who currently have a vibrant Torah practicing community and Synagogue) and The Ga-Adangme. While in Ghana my local Tour Guides and drivers Kodjo, Derrick and David were Ewe and they were men of deep faith and showed us a good time. Our American Tour Guide was Peter a Guyanese-American who ensured that while in Ghana we saw as much of the country as possible while also ensuring that we patronized the businesses of local Ghanaians.

One purpose of this trip was to gather research about the ethnic groups in Ghana who migrated from Israel for my forthcoming book Prophetic Whirlwind: Uncovering the Black Biblical Destiny. The Sefwi and Ashanti were clear that their people migrated from Israel and my Ewe friends are also clear about this fact and all of these ethnic groups have Torah practices as a basis of their cultures. During my time in Ghana through the wonderful organization Kulanu which is Hebrew for All of Us I was able to visit the Sefwi Jewish Village and Synagogue as a part of the first African-American delegation to visit this group. Through the generous donations to my fundraising campaign I was able to give a monetary donation to the community for their guest house and I was able to deliver 180 Hanukkah candles as they prepared to celebrate. This visit was life changing.

Another impactful part of my tour was going to the Cape Coast and Elmina Slave Castles where my ancestors and millions of other enslaved Africans were held while waiting to be shipped to the New World for slavery. Sadly, there was a church that held services right over the slave dungeons where men and women were held in dark cramped caves with no sunlight or adequate food. This deeply enraged me but also showed how false religion has been used to enslave not only the minds but the bodies of my people. I also realized the tremendous strength of my ancestors and I know I can overcome whatever stands before me because of them. I prayed at the Door of No Return which is the door the enslaved Africans walked through to get on slave ships never to see Africa again. As I prayed for my people I felt a strength and resolve that was truly empowering.

I want to thank each and every person who donated to my fundraiser. Be Blessed and see videos and picture from my trip below!

Ashanti Sword Site


The Ashanti Sword That No Man Can Pull Out (Like the King Arthur Story)


Making Traditional Akan Symbols


Hanging out in the Sword Palace


Making my Own Fabric


Manhya Palace Musem


Hanging out with Ashanti Royalty


Touring the slave castles


Sefwi Jewish Brothers


Kodjo our Ewe Driver His Faith is Strong Like His Hebrew Ancestors!


Rev. Yolanda Brown Prayed for us at The Slave Castles


Break Every Chain


The Slave Castle


Family Together at The Sefwi Synagogue


Worshipping Together in the Sefwi Synagogue


Building with Michael and Kofi Leaders of the Sefwi Jewish Community

A Very Special Message from The Sefwi Hebrews of Ghana to African-Americans: