Ghana Trip Information!

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It is for freedom that Messiah has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery. Galatians 5:1

We apologize for the delay but finally I am able to share the Ghana trip information with you. We have been working on this trip for about 2-years but during the past months we have been planning the details, sending out tour professionals to trace our actual routes, booking hotels and arranging for workshops and sessions to inspire, unite and educate us about our faith, Ghana and the need to mark how Yah has kept us all these centuries and how we can prepare to serve him in the years ahead.

Many have inquired about me taking a group to visit Hebrews in Africa and because the first time I visited the Sefwi of Ghana I went with a tour group and because visiting the family in Africa is not easy and I know that though many want to visit there are conditions that would be difficult for those who do not have experience on the continent, so I agreed to open this trip to the community so that people have an opportunity to visit the continent and Hebrew family on a safe, well planned trip.

My friend and former theology school classmate Gilbert K. Bouhaire, Executive Director of The God Box Foundation is a native Ghanaian who also spent a great deal of his childhood in America. Due to his unique experience he has a heart for our people unifying, he knows who the Hebrews of the Bible are and he has long had a vision of hosting a trip to Ghana for 2019 to mark the Quad Centennial of the trans-Atlantic slave trade. This trip is not new but has been long planned starting about 2-years ago. Though enslaved people were taken to Brazil and other places prior to 1619 what makes 1619 unique according to my colleague Rev. Angelique Walker-Smith of Pan African Women of Faith explained to me and others while we were working on a project that in Virginia around 1619 that is when enslavement by race was made legal according to law. This is not to belittle or erase what happened to our enslaved family in other parts of the diaspora but since so many will be commemorating the 1619 date, we think it is only fitting that those of us who are people of faith come together to fellowship, learn, pray and discern what Yah may be saying to us during this season.

That being said this is a trip to visit Ghana, NOT to move. This is just a trip not an attempt to fulfill prophecy. We and no one can guarantee dual citizenship (though we can guarantee workshops to learn more). This is not a trip to say something will happen in 2019 connected to the 400-year prophecy in the Bible. This is an invitation to come and visit Ghana, build with the family from all over and learn. This trip is not government sponsored but we did utilize contacts to ensure that everything we booked for the trip will occur as many tours are happening and in Ghana without the actual contacts certain things cannot be guaranteed. This is the only tour that is visiting awakened Hebrew communities in Ghana and not just communities or tribes that maybe genetically Hebrew but not aware of that fact or aware but not acting on this knowledge by returning to Yah’s laws. The Year of Return is NOT calling people to move but makes it easier to visit by providing Visas on arrival which is much easier than having to apply at a Ghana consulate in America which is time consuming. I want to make sure there is an accurate understanding this trip and that it is not conflated with rumors or plans other groups have.

Trip Packages

  • Package 1 July 25-August 3, 2019 (Panafest a festival for the diaspora which includes the Council of Chiefs and Queen Mothers and other activities including faith workshops.
  • Package 2 July 25-August 9, 2019 (Panafest, visiting sites & visiting faith communities).
  • Package 3 July 25-August 21, 2019 (Panafest, Emancipation Day, visiting faith communities and sites).

During our trip we will have group flights leaving from Atlanta, New York City, Puerto Rico and flights to different regions in Ghana (while on the tour) as well as air conditioned coach transportation. Additionally, our group will have security from landing to the end of our trip. There are many other activities included as well as workshops, breakouts based on belief system to build with those who believe as you do, workshops on dual citizenship and doing business in Ghana, naming ceremony, worship services, prayer, visiting the slave castles and other sites and much more. Non American citizens are welcome on this trip!

Please note people of various faith backgrounds not only from America but from other countries will be attending this spiritual pilgrimage but we are visiting Hebrew sites and Gilbert, The Executive Director of the trip expects Hebrews to play an important role. We will also be visiting non-Hebrew faith sites to show an honest picture of Ghana’s faith community. Though Ghana has many genetic Hebrews they are awakening as us and it’s important to see the true condition of the country. 

At the end of the trip we will gather to discuss what Yah is calling us to individually and collectively in this season and we will plan action steps for what we can do at home after this powerful time because we know faith without works is dead.

Though we wish we could provide this trip for free we can not do so at this time. We have worked for months to make the trip as low-cost as possible and still provide an excellent experience including in country flights to different regions, some meals, etc. This is not a business for our team but something we feel call to. I have separate work that is my business. I do this because I am passionate about the family meeting each other across borders and wanted to provide a safe and well-planned way for you to travel to the continent. We have provided a payment plan to ensure that it is affordable. The first payment is due January 30, 2019. There are group discounts for groups of 10 or more on the website. If you miss the first payment date still register.

Next Steps

  1. Visit Spiritual Pilgrimage website: Please review carefully and also review the tour brochure because there is a great deal included on the tour that I could not mention in this email. You can find the tour brochure for each option on this page:

  2. Before emailing me for questions as my time is limited please read the ENTIRE website and note we cannot change dates or prices. If you plan to arrive or leave earlier you will need to arrange your own transportation to and from where ever the group is located.

  3. I cannot provide contact information for individual Hebrew leaders or congregations in Africa on a large-scale basis. I have been doing this with individuals but it is time consuming as I don’t just give out information but I need to do a phone call to explain dynamics on the ground that can be difficult. I first visited Hebrew family in Africa on a tour to Ghana and strongly suggest you do the same so you learn more. I also have to be respectful of leaders privacy.

  4. Please read up on Ghana and Hebrews in Africa below I will share a great documentary that can serve as a resource. You can read about my first visit to Ghana here.

  5. Last but not least pray and even fast before signing up for this trip. There is a lot going on concerning Africa now and if you are fearful or doubtful no amount of information or answering questions will help. This trip is not for everyone and we would rather have a small number of people called by Yah than a large number of those who are coming outside of Yah’s will. The safest place to be is in Yah’s will! We would love to have you if your led to come but also will have love for you if you decide to stay home. Be careful of trying to convince people to go or not go as each person has their own call from Yah. Again, this is not a trip to move but visit as thousands do every year. We will also be praying for this trip and some have already started. Also do not conflate this trip with others, even if they use the term Spiritual Pilgrimage. 

I thank you for taking the time to read this email (I know it’s long but I wanted to be clear since there is a great deal of emotion around 2019 and Ghana).

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