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Onleilove Chika Alston, Founder of Prophetic Whirlwind: Uncovering the Black Biblical Destiny provides courses and workshops in person and online. With degrees from Penn State University, Columbia University and Union Theological Seminary including certificates from The Hispanic Theological Institute at Duke Divinity School, The Women’s Campaign School at Yale and other programs her courses are rooted in history, African Hebraic Culture, faith and justice leaving participants with steps for practical life application.

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Ancient Hebraic Womanhood:

By examining three archetypes of Hebraic Womanhood: The Ezer Kenegdo, The Queen Mother and The Eschet Chayil women from all ages, races and faith traditions learned what true Biblical womanhood is and how to apply these principals to every area of their lives: family, vocation, faith and community. With over 200 women enrolled this course was a blessing. Though the course is over ladies can still enroll and obtain three videos with over 5 hours of teaching, 3 PowerPoint presentations, the Ancient Hebraic Womanhood Syllabus with downloadable readings and videos, access to the Ancient Hebraic Womanhood email list and Facebook group to obtain more information and develop sisterhood with like minded women. You can also receive the Prophetic Whirlwind Resource list on the Black roots of the Bible.   To obtain the course which was provided to over 200 women for free now that the course is over just donate $20 or more to the Yahweh Our Redeemer Sabbath Synagogue Hebrew School in Nigeria and send receipt of your donation to Donate here

Ancient Hebraic Marriage Customs, West African Marriage Customs & Yah’s Kingdom

How did ancient Hebrews get married? What does the West African knocking ceremony have to do with Hebraic Culture and our personal relationship with Yah? Join me for an exciting one-day course where we will examine what Hebraic marriage customs can teach us about the Good News and the in-gathering of The Lost Tribes of Israel. Enroll in the course here.

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